Apps Like Aero Tv Alternatives for iOS & Android

iOS people will watch hd movies and tv shows in high definition quality on Aero Tv app on iOS devices as the app is available for iPhone & iPad. Whereas, on your Android it’s not possible officially but yes, you can do that. What about the Android devices?, Yes, You too can watch. Here is a method to download Aero tv for Android & iOS as well.

If you are not able to download and install the app on your android or iPhone, Or if you are not able to download movies and tv shows on your iOS device and Android Phone, You can try out the aero tv alternatives. Check them out below and watch all your favourite movies and tv shows for free in high definition quality.

Apps Like Aero TV Alternatives for Your Android & iOS 10, iOS 9

aero tv alternatives

Here you go with the best alternative apps for your android and iOS device. Check them right away and get those apps for your smartphone to watch movies and tv shows for free.

Movie HD:

Movie HD is an Android app designed and arranged to watch movies on your Android devices. It has countless videos to stream onto your android gadget. Movie HD app is the ideal option to amuse yourself with movies & TV shows that you love watching on your free time. Movie HD app is not available in either Google Play Store or in iTunes Store. This app needs to be downloaded from an external sources.

Megabox HD:

Megabox is yet another better alternative to Aero TV app on your android and iOS platforms. You can find a lot of movies and free tv shows that will allow you to entertain yourself. You can explore the movies and latest episodes of the serials and series is a much better option for you to choose from a vast collection of movies and hd programs. By the way the app is available for your android device and installing the same on your iOS is not a big deal.


Looking out for some awesome app that can do your job simply and make your day much better with the latest tv shows and other stuff like series and tv serials etc. If yes is your answer, Then I would say Moviebox is one of such great alternatives to the aero tv app. By the way, Movie watching experience on your iOS device is a great advantage over anything that you do on your smartphone.

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